About me

For over 25 years psychologist and pastor, Dr Dumas has been offering advice to numerous Jamaicans both locally and in the diaspora through newspaper columns. In 1977 he had his first column in the now defunct Daily News' Sunday Sun tabloid. When the Daily News closed, its parent company, The Gleaner invited Dr Dumas to start the 'Tell Me Pastor' column in 1983. Since then the column has experienced increasing popularity and is now the most widely read column in any of the island's newspapers. Dr Dumas started hosting 'Dear Pastor' on POWER 106FM in December 2002, and from the first airing of the programme the high listenership has been reflected in the numerous calls Dr Dumas receives nightly.

 Dr Dumas has a MA degree in counseling and a Doctorate in Psychology. He is also the island's first government appointed marriage counselor. Dr Dumas' passion for counseling couples in particular, arises from his deep concern about the breakdown of marriages and his desire to help build family life.

 He considers 'Dear Pastor' as an avenue through which he can inform and educate listeners on life issues as well as be a source of encouragement to those with problems.