Collodial Water



Are you serious about your health and wellbeing? 
Colloidal Silver to the rescue!!
It’s the most comprehensive mineral known to science, protects the body from over 650 diseases causing organisms is now available to you.
Colloidal Silver protects the body from all known bacteria, viruses, protozoa, yeast infection and fungus organisms and eliminates them within minutes of contact.
It’s the safest and best all-around natural mineral germ fighter.
No recorded side effects It is non-addicting, tasteless, odourless, nontoxic, non-stinging to the eyes, safe for pregnant and lactating women.


Call Miracle Water Colloidal Silver at:

394-5643 (Digicel)


7721054 (Lime) or email:

Kingston and surrounding areas: 929-1667/929-1668 or 877- 1009



Here are some happy users:


Norman Campbell (Boy Blue): I was suffering from a severe prostate enlargement for 9 months. I was wearing this catheter for nine months unable to pass my urine naturally. My doctor at St. Ann Bay Hospital told that I will be wearing the catheter and the urine bag for the rest of my life until when I met Mr. Hall who introduced me to Colloidal silver. After taking it for 6 months my prostrate came back to normal. I have not taken no medication but only the Miracle Water Colloidal Silver. Thanks for that relief of not wearing the bag and the catheter.


Norman Campbell Standfast, Brown’s Town St. Ann

I had Type II diabetes and problems with my sinus for over 17 years. I was on medications from the doctors during those years. I heard of this thing Colloidal Silver, I decided to give it a try after taking three bottles I check with three doctors to see if anything age was cleared up no  Sugar! And my sinus problems disappeared. I am also experiencing a vast improvement in the bedroom. I can tell anyone “try it you will like it”


Daphne Rose Retirement St. Ann

Daphne Rose 76 years old: I was suffering from Arthritis, Type II diabetes and stress. One day I turned on my television and saw this product advertising. I rang the number and order a bottle within two weeks the sugar and arthritis disappeared. I check with my doctor as I discovered that that it was doing other things. My doctor told me that I should get a boy friend as my sex drive has significantly turned on.


Erna Hunter: I was suffering from arthritis for many years. I could scarcely walk. One day my daughter brought home a flyer with this Miracle water Colloidal Silver. I called the number and got Mr. Hall. I ordered a bottle and within two to three week the symptoms are gone. And I am feeling so good. I can recommend it to anyone.


Michael Ingram –St. Ann Bay

I was suffering from migrane Headache for many years. I have tried many different kinds of medications but my relief was only temporary after a few days my conditions returned. I have heard of Miracle water Colloidal silver and I gave it a try. After completing half a bottle my migrane headache disappeared. I also discovered that there is a mark improvement in my sex drive and my girl friend is asking me to ease off taking it. My immune system has significantly improved and I am feeling very good in my body


Leroy Kennedy deputy Parish Manager RADA- St. Mary

I was suffering from high Blood pressure for quite a few years. I was introduced by a colleague at last year Denbigh show to miracle water Colloidal Silver. I bought two bottles one for myself and the the other for my wife who was on many different kinds of medications for arthritis and other problems. To my surprise my high blood pressure disappeared and I am off the pressure medications. My wife is also off her medications too.

Rainford McTaggart

I was suffering with cranic sinus problems for many years and also had severe prostrate problems. Use to get up many times at nights to pass my urine. One day a friend of mine introduce me to Miracle Water colloidal silver. However, I gave it a try. After taking it for over three weeks my sinus problems has gone. I can say this is a gift from the Almighty and can recommend it to anyone who wants to give it try.


Disclaimer: Please note this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease!