I Hate My Child’s Father

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Thu, 11/07/2013 :00

Dear Pastor,
I’m a Jamaican living in London, England. I’m involved with a Jamaican man. He's married to a British woman. We were really good together until he separated from his wife. We moved in together and after a year, everything went down hill. Now, I hate him, I hate him. I think he's back with his wife. We have a 4 month old baby.
Please tell me what to do, and pray for me. Thank you.
K. D., London, England
Dear K. D.,
Insist that this man takes care of his child. When the relationship was a hit and run affair you enjoyed it with him. At least he used to visit you and then go home to his wife. You didn’t have to tolerate him all the time. There was a time when both of you used to steal love on the side. He got you pregnant and both of you have a son. He couldn’t deny that both of you were having an affair. Before you got pregnant for him everything was rosy. But now that you have gotten to truly know this man, you detest him. You believe that he is still having a relationship with his wife. Why shouldn’t he? She is his wife and if she is willing to forgive him and take him back, it is likely that he would go because he is disappointed in you too. It’s not a one sided matter.
So, tell him you are fed up with the relationship because it is not what you have hoped for. If he is back with his wife, he should tell you the truth and both of you should go your separate ways.

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