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Friday, 18 September 2015 06:25

My boyfriend loves oral sex

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Dear Pastor, I am 19 years old and I have a boyfriend. Both of us were in high school together and we started our friendship when we were in our last year of high school. He was the first guy I had sex with, but he had sex with many girls. That's what he told me. He has a very long penis.

I was scared of it, but after having sex with him many times, I am not scared anymore. I live with my mother and stepfather, but since leaving high school I spend more time at my boyfriend's home because my mother only has one room and I have two other sisters and a brother living there. My boyfriend lives with his grandmother and he has his own room. Before I started sleeping there I used to go and help her. She sells in the market. I clean the house for her and wash for her. She even sends me to the bank to lodge her money. I like to have sexual intercourse, but my boyfriend is crazy over oral sex. He likes when I do the 'deep throat'.

When I first started to do oral sex with him he used to tell me to take all of it and he pushes it down my throat and then starts to groan. It is no use I object. He discharges in my mouth and I can't stop so I swallow some of it. I went to see my doctor for a check up and I told her what we do and she told me nothing will happen to me if my boyfriend is clean.

Pastor, what do you think about this practice? I want to please my boyfriend. I don't want any other man in my life. F.T

Dear F.T., It seems to me that you are very comfortable practicing this form of sex and your only concern is whether it is healthy. Some people say that this practice can cause women to vomit while others like you seem to enjoy it.

Or is it that you do it just to please your man? You are 19 years old. You have been having sex with this man for a long time. It is not for me to condemn you although I wouldn't want to encourage you to continue this practice. If you are not comfortable then you should tell him so and try your best to get him to stop. Some people consider this a fetish.

I would encourage you to try to go back to school if you are not attending school at the moment. Sometimes when a girl objects to consenting to certain types of sex, the guys threaten that they would leave them and they stop assisting them financially. I hope that this guy would not do that to you. I could understand why you are spending so much time with him and helping his grandmother.

Your home is not convenient and you are comfortable staying at his grandma's home. I wish you the very best. Pastor

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