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Addicted to Sex

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Dear Pastor,


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I have a problem. I am eighteen years old, and I graduated from a prominent high school.  When I was thirteen years old I lost my virginity.  After that I just started having sex with a lot of guys, even my teacher.  I do not know how to stop because I have gotten so addicted.  It is hard for me to keep a boyfriend because I always cheat.  Now I have a bad reputation where I am living. The girls call me sketel and the guys want to use me for sex. 


About a couple months ago I noticed that whenever I have sex I do not feel a thing.  I am wondering if it is because I am too stretched out.  Even my period runs out like water.  I went to the gynaecologist and they told me of some exercises I should do. 


What advice would you give me?

J., Florida


Dear J.,


Whenever a person, whether young, middle age or older is living loosely and having sex with anyone who is interested in him or her, that persondevelops a bad reputation and people lose respect for him or her.  I am afraid that you have fallen in that category.  It is bothering you because your friends are calling you “sketel” and every man wants to use you.  That is indeed very sad.


You became sexually active when you were very young.  However, it is not too late for you to receive help.  There are two ways you can go about receiving help.  And I recommend both approaches.  Firstly, I believe that you should find a female Christian psychologist or a female family counsellor and talk to her about the problem.  I don’t mean to imply that a male counsellor could not help you. He can.  But a woman would be more sensitive to the type of problem you are having with men. 


Secondly, I believe that you should look to the Lord for spiritual deliverance. The Lord Jesus can change your life and make you feel wanted.  You are looking for love, so you have moved from man to man.  God can satisfy your need for love. You can become a new person. And after a period of time, people in your neighbourhood would recognize that your behavior has changed.


Please begin to attend church.  Read your Bible and pray and ask God to help you. 









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