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My hubby cheating with young girl

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Soon after we left my husband started an affair with a girl in the community. I knew the girl very well. She used to come by the business but I did not realize that she was not there to do business. She was there to see my husband. I came back to Jamaica and spoke to the girl and my husband. He said nothing was going on between them but my relatives told me that she was sleeping with him. All the years we are together, my husband never treated me so well, so I became suspicious. He promised that he would be faithful to me and I did not need to worry.

Three months or so after I left and came back to the States I heard that the girl was pregnant. When I asked my husband about it he told me that it was true and it was because I am away things happened. He said that the girl had told him that she was on the pill. He then asked me if I would take the baby and I told him over my dead body. The girl is willing to give up the baby. I could not deal with that, pastor.

I cannot bring myself to taking that baby. This girl is young and she knew what she was doing. I warned my husband so many times to be careful with these young girls. He said that if I love him I would forgive him but I can't forgive him by taking his baby. The children are very angry with their father at the moment, especially my son. S.L

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Dear S.L., This young girl and your husband knew what they were doing. Your husband knew that you heard that he was sleeping with this young woman. You asked him to stop and he said that people were lying on him. The good treatment that he was giving you was his way to get you to believe him, but soon after you were gone he was back to his old tricks. I see no reason why you should take this child. Allow the young woman to take care of her baby and insist that your husband gives her child support. Don't tie yourself down with a baby.

Your days for that are over. Your husband and yourself need to see a family counsellor, so whenever you come back to Jamaica, make sure that an appointment is made. If he is still planning to come and live with you in the United States of America, the business needs to be sold as soon as possible because it is likely that while he remains in Jamaica the girl and himself might continue to have an intimate relationship



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