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Husband expecting twins with his ex

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My present husband is four years younger than I am. He looks older than his age. After we got married and I went back to the United States, I talked to him almost every night. I asked him to give an eye on my parents. My mother liked him, but my father told me that he might marry me just to get to America. I didn't accept that from my father. My mother told me that nobody will be good enough for my father.

I am careful here in America. I don't date. I have never cheated on my husband. A few days ago, my husband told me that he might as well tell me because he knows that I would hear. He said his former girlfriend is pregnant and she is carrying twins. I asked him whether that was a joke and he said no it wasn't a joke. He said it was a mistake.

This girl and himself had a relationship before I knew him, so he kept her as his girlfriend even after we spent a million dollars for our wedding. I already have two children, and he doesn't have any. That's what he says. I don't know how to believe him anymore. I feel that I should get out of the relationship and let him stay with the woman who is now pregnant by him. He said that she was willing to give up the children because she is not working. I am not taking anybody's children. My mother told me that I should try and get him to America, and that would keep him away from the woman and I will have him for myself.

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If this woman was pregnant by him before we got married, I wouldn't feel it so hard. But imagine he got her pregnant after we got married. My father was right. I think I am going to stop the filing. Every time I think about my husband at nights, I wonder if he is with this woman.

What do you think I should do, Pastor?


Dear C.W.,

If you were to forgive your husband and file for him, he would be leaving his two children behind. Then he would be under obligation to support his two children, and it may take a while for him to get a good job in United States of America. He would not be in a position to contribute to your home in America for a while. So you would have to support him. And his children's mother would have to support the children on her own. So, you would have to weigh this matter in your mind carefully. He would not be able to adequately support these children in Jamaica unless he has a high-paying job.

Can you trust this man? What was he thinking? This woman still believes that he owes her something. She sees you as an intruder. She had this man. This was her man, and suddenly you came into their lives and you tried to take him away from her. So, her pregnancy is to show you that you have the ring, but she has the man. She would always be a pest in your life because she has children for your husband.

It would be wrong for me to tell you what to do. But whatever decision you make, I will back you.


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