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Landlady wants us out because we cooked pork

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I met this woman and we became friends and I moved her out of her mother’s house and we were living together. When I got her pregnant, we got married. She will have her baby in eight weeks time. We rented two rooms from a woman who is a Sabbath keeper. We share the kitchen with her. On my way home I bought some pork and I seasoned it properly and I put it in the woman’s refrigerator because she gave us permission to use her refrigerator until we can buy one for ourselves. The Saturday morning she left and went to church. We cooked our pork and when she came home, she quarrelled and said no pork should be cooked in her house. And worse of all we should not have it in her refrigerator. It caused a big fuss between us and as a result, we passed some harsh words to each other.

My wife called her a fool and told her that she can’t tell her what to cook and she said that we should find somewhere else to live and leave her place. She told the woman it is only her husband who can tell her what to cook and what not to cook. It is two weeks now and the landlady has not said a word to us. Even when we extend greetings to her, she does not answer. Pastor, is this Christianity? If we knew that she did not want pork to be cooked in her house, she should have told us so and we would not have gone to live there because we do not see anything wrong with eating pork.

She showed us a part of the counter when we came where we can keep our utensils. Now she tells us that since we are dealing with pork, she doesn’t want our plates and our pots to touch hers, so we must keep everything in our room. Have you ever heard such foolishness, pastor? Because of my wife’s pregnancy, I am playing it cool but this woman is a real devil. I look forward to hearing from you. P.K

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Dear P.K This is a disgusting landlady. She should be grateful that she has her own home but she should not believe that because she is fortunate to have her own house, she has the right to tell tenants what to cook and what to eat. In fact, she should have advised your wife and yourself that she would prefer that the both of you would not cook pork in her kitchen. I believe that this woman is taking liberty with you but then some people would say that it is her house and she can lay down rules in her place.

I suggest that you and your wife find another place and leave her house forthwith. Give her notice that you will leave so that she will return your security money. I see trouble down the road if you remain in this woman’s house. Some people go much too far with their religious beliefs. Don’t have any argument with this woman, it is not necessary.

Eating pork will not send you to hell and her not eating pork will not put her in heaven. People should learn to live in peace and remember it is not what a man eats or drinks that is important to God and that is not what defiles a man. The Bible says it is what come out of a man’s mouth that defiles him. Here is the direct quote from the Bible. “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man, but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.” Matthew 15:11 Pastor


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