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14 year old with a whole bunch of problems

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good day pastor i hope you see my letter because i need your help desperatley im 14 yrs old and i have a whole bunch of problems you might think to your self how much problems can a 14 year old have but i cant tell you more than enough im currently living in the bahams with my step dad my mother is in u.s you must think things going peachy but it when i was in jamaica while my mother was away she use to leave me with her friends one day when i went by my aunts house for summer me and her where sleeping in the same bed she left to start breakfast and she told her nephew he could go sleep in the bed with me not thinking anything would go wrong but who would have thought so he was 27 and i was 10 he came in laid down and started to feel me up i was scared i thought if he knew i was awake he would kill me so i just laid there and cry when i left i told the person i was living with and she told my mum when the news got to the nephew he denied it saying am i liar i felt as if everyone thought so too even up to this day i remeber it step by step , the other lady my mum left me with left a big scare in the back of my head i no you might be thinking my mother is a wicked woman for leaving me with these people but pastor shes trying from birth its been her y herself and she provides for me i dont need a dollar at home my step dad often masturbate and he dont even close is door he just do it wide out in as if he wants me to see i told my mother instantly and she said whenever he stars go in my room which i do. at my school because im not there kind "bahamaian" they treat me poorly discrimination is high both teachers and students give me bad face so my solution was to justkeep to my self my classmates often pick on me and call me an immigrant most days i cry untill my eyes are puffed up and red i have very little friends least than five most days my classmates curse me out so bad for the simpilest thing like "trying to be better than them or i act so innocent" because while they are making noise im in a corner reading a book. im prefect of my school and in the top stream but i look at my self least than im striving for excellents but it feels like im failing am unfocus and im trying to improve on that i want life to be better for my mum and i. the friends that i do have also laugh at me i never had a boyfriend before nor my first kiss and whenever they would have dance at my school i do go but never will you see me dance on a boy and acting wild i no if i do these things my mum will string me i miss my home land so bad i miss jamaica up here i go no where not even outside to throw away the garbage its boring. another thing recently i met my real dad when i was in jamica in 2015 it was the first time meeting him i try to get in contact with him but he is soo distance he dont call me and that really breaks me down more it isnt as if he dont have me number pastor im begging for your reply i need help and guidance i no you might recomend concelling but pastor i can tell you from now i wouldnt go for i would have no one to take, me much love J.A This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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