My Uncle got me Pregnant

Dear Pastor,

Congratulations on the wonderful work you are doing.  This is my first letter to you, but about three years ago I called you on the telephone and told you about a problem and you helped me.  I am eighteen years old and I have a boyfriend.  I was living with my uncle and his girlfriend.


From I was fourteen my uncle was having sex with me.  He told me that he loves me, and I should not tell anybody that we are having sex.  The first time we had sex he asked me if my boyfriend and I were having sex and I told him yes.  He said he thought I was a virgin. He used to come into my room while his girlfriend was sleeping and have sex with me.  His girlfriend didn’t suspect us. 


I knew what we were doing was wrong, but sometimes I couldn’t help myself.  He gave me everything, and he sent me to school.  He gave me money everyday to go to school.  I liked my uncle. 


When I was sixteen, my uncle and his girlfriend put on a birthday party for me.  Later that night my uncle and I had sex.  The following day, which was Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to the movies.  Before he took me home, we had sex.  He used a condom.


I missed my period and I told my uncle.  He gave me money to go to the doctor.  The doctor told me I was pregnant.  He told me to say that it was my boyfriend who got me pregnant.  I told him that my boyfriend couldn’t get me pregnant because he used a condom.  I told him I didn’t know what to do.  He came back to me and told me that I should not tell his girlfriend that I was pregnant.  He asked a girl to go with me to a doctor who did an abortion for her.  I went and the doctor did the abortion.


My boyfriend doesn’t know anything about what happened.  We are now living together and he is trying to get me pregnant.  Nothing is happening.  I wonder if I will ever get pregnant again.


Please give me your advice.




Dear G.,


Your uncle is depraved, iniquitous and sick in his mind.  He needs psychological help and spiritual deliverance. No one in his right mind would sexually abuse his niece.  Unfortunately, you did not have the courage to stand up against him and resist him.


You will never forget what took place between your uncle and you.  And it may haunt you from time to time.  Therefore, you should seek therapy.  Please make an appointment to see a psychologist or a family counsellor.  Believe me, I am not condemning you; I am just encouraging you to seek help.


Perhaps you are eager to become pregnant now to appease your conscience, but getting pregnant will not erase the past.  You should not try to prove anything.  Emotionally, you are not ready to have a child.




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